Collegiate Sports Management Group

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Collegiate Sports Management Group (CSMG) drives the business performance of collegiate athletic conferences and schools by providing successful growth strategies and generating revenue to support their athletic departments and initiatives.

CSMG offers solutions across all college athletics programs. Clients can leverage brand extensions, digital properties, integrated media rights, signage opportunities, venue rights, and sponsorships as part of a successful growth strategy to attract a higher quantity and quality of applicants, and generate revenue to support their athletic department.

Media and data management for college athletics

Media & Analytics

Michael Schrek

Market access for the Phoenix Portfolio

CSMG is a critical market access partner for several Phoenix portfolio companies. Its 18+ conference contracts give CSMG ownership of exclusive media, data, advertising and esports rights for 900+ schools. Other Phoenix portfolio companies, like Legacy Esports, leverage CSMG to reach their target audiences. 

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