Valuable Market

Opportunities in Sports

Valuable Market

Opportunities in Sports

Advantageous Investments and Targeted Sales

With every investment and individual business plan, we consider the value and opportunities within each level of competition and market segment.

Phoenix has developed a top-down sales approach that recognizes on the overall value of the amateur sports market – totaling $100 billion and encompassing colleges and universities, academies, high schools, and youth sports – and capitalizes on relationships and opportunities at the professional level. As a result, Phoenix companies achieve greater recognition and deeper market penetration. 

Targeted Market Segments

Our goal is to provide investors diversified exposure to the fastest growing segments of the sports industry. 

We are currently invested in four strategic market segments – performance and training, fan engagement, event and competition operations, and multimedia marketing and analytics – and seeking new opportunities in several others.

Event And Competition

Solutions for event and venue operations to increase profitability and improve fan experience.


Systems that improve or modernize the fan experience and drive continuted engagement

Rising Sports
And Entertainment

Opportunities in developing sports, like esports and drone racing, that monetize competition and increase reach

Multimedia Marketing
And Analytics

Tools for social listening and media analysis to provide sponsorship valuations and generate revenue

And Training

Technologies like VR, video, and online platforms that improve the safety and performance of athletes


Mass market and growing demand for solutions to player development, coaching, administraion, and injury prevention

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