NJCAA announces creation of NJCAA Esports

NJCAA announces creation of NJCAA Esports 370 238 phnxsports

www.njcaa.org • Press Release – updated: Jan 16, 2020

Charlotte, NC – The NJCAA, the national governing body of two-year college athletics, has announced the creation of NJCAA Esports. This new esports association will provide two-year colleges with governance, competition and official national championships while also providing guidance and positive development for two-year colleges to build and operate esports programs.

NJCAA Esports, a strategic partnership between the NJCAA, Chicago-based Legacy Esports and New York-based EsportsU, a division of Collegiate Sports Management Group (CSMG), is the only national esports association for two-year colleges. The association will develop rules and eligibility for student participation, in addition to competition schedules which would include online, LAN and national championship events.

“The growth trend of the esports industry has given NJCAA member colleges a remarkable opportunity to create and manage programs, increase enrollment and retention and make a greater positive impact in their communities,” said Dr. Christopher Parker, President and CEO of the NJCAA. “The NJCAA, with our partners Legacy Esports and EsportsU, is excited to embark on this historic endeavor to benefit two-year higher education.”

NJCAA Esports, through Legacy Esports, will deliver to member colleges competition software, communication forum creation and moderation, competition administration (including bracketing, seeding, refereeing, and oversight), and dedicated account management. EsportsU will represent all commercial rights across media, sponsorship, sales, ticketing, e-commerce and advertising for NJCAA Esports.

“Legacy is excited to partner with the NJCAA and EsportsU to deliver competitive, structured, and meaningful competitions to two-year colleges across the country,” said Andrew Barnett, CEO of Legacy Esports. “Legacy will power league structure and operational services for all regular season and championship events on our state-of-the-art competition platform.”

“This ground-breaking partnership will allow brands to engage with college esports athletes, nationally and regionally, for online, LAN and national championship events,” said Neil Malvone, EVP of Business Affairs and Strategic Partnerships at Collegiate Sports Management Group. “Tremendous sponsorship, digital marketing, and media opportunities will be available for brands in collegiate esports.”

To participate in NJCAA Esports, member colleges must be fully accredited by an authorized higher education accrediting agency and serve as a two-year institution. NJCAA Esports will also provide insight and guidance to two-year colleges interested in sponsoring esports programs and joining the association. Competitions will begin in the fall of 2019 with the structure design created based on membership. 

About Legacy ESports

Legacy Esports serves schools, clubs, and other organizations who seek to provide esports services or to enhance their existing services. Our primary focus is on the player experience through our state-of-the-art competition software, LeagueSpot. Legacy provides a full service, highly customizable competition suite platform designed for the seasoned pro to the esports newcomer alike.

About CSMG/EsportsU

Collegiate Sports Management Group and its eSports division, EsportsU markets and sells media/sponsorships and advertising around Collegiate eSports, facilities, games, events, tournaments and other related content. CSMG/EsportsU secures and partners with multiple eSports media outlets and eSports event organizers and promoters for eSports content development, distribution, media rights, production, as well as eSports merchandise sales and licensing. EsportsU helps enhance engagement, recruiting, exposure and revenue for conferences and schools as it relates to eSports.



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