Block Six Analytics

Block Six Analytics (B6A) analytics-fueled technology enables companies to maximize ROI on their sports sponsorship spend across all advertising channels.

The Partnership Scoreboard, B6A’s proprietary SAAS platform, enables teams, leagues, brands, and agencies to analyze the value of their sponsorship assets. The Partnership Scoreboard provides a transparent, cross-channel valuation analysis using models customized for each sponsor.

Sports access analytics and evaluation

Media & Analytics

Adam Grossman

Determing sponsorship value

B6A valuation models are designed to focus specifically on revenue generation and marketing goals. The Corporate Asset Valuation model examines the quantity, quality, and engagement of sponsorship activations. The Media Analytics Platform, together with B6A’s Value Above Replacement analytics, gagues the value of objects on screen for each company. The Social Sentiment Analysis Platform can read social media content to assess public perception and measure the success of social media campaigns. And finally, Revenue Above Replacement determines how an individual player generates revenue for a team. 

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