FanFood is a revolutionary solution for sports and event venues that creates a better fan experience and drives revenue.  

The FanFood app allows fans to order from their seats and have concessions delivered directly to them or pick up from an express lane with efficient, cashless mobile ordering. FanFood is trusted by venues of all sizes nationwide and proven to drive concession sales by 20%, and increase revenue per cap by 25%. 

Mobile ordering for event concessions

Event Management & Support

Carson Goodale

Services to improve the fan experience

FanFood currently offers three platforms: FanFood, the Stand Manager, and the Runner app. The FanFood app – which is free for guests – allows customized menus, secure payments, 2-step verification for alcohol purchases, and in-app sponsorship display. For businesses, the Stand Manager and Runner app are designed to make managing and fulfilling orders easy and cost effective with features like real-time inventory tracking and robust reporting.

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