RibeeVR is baseball training technology where hitters at all levels benefit from taking virtual reps.

Monsterful’s flagship product, RibeeVR, is a baseball training technology where hitters at all levels, from youth players to the pros, benefit from taking virtual reps against skill and age-matched live pitching. Players can practice anywhere and anytime without the space needed in most indoor facilities.

VR baseball training technology

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Ryan Warkins

Developing elite players

Monsterful allows players to see baseball from a whole new perspective. The RibeeVR platform recreates the real physics of baseball, amasses a data set with each pitch/hit, and provides performance analysis to identify and exploit precise performance flaws in ways traditional coaching alone cannot. Gone are the days of wasting time in the batting cage and risking injury through physical reps. Coaches can customize training plans for individual players to develop their pitch identification, strike zone awareness, and situational hitting.

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