Phoenix Companies


Fusesport 561 421 madak_j
fusesport is the global leader in helping sports organizations grow their communities by managing their events and data more effectively. read more

Collegiate Sports Management Group

Collegiate Sports Management Group 561 421 madak_j
CSMG controls and manages the media and data rights for collegiate athletic programs. Its 18+ conference contracts give CSMG ownership of exclusive media, data, advertising and Esports rights for 900+ schools. read more

Block Six Analytics

Block Six Analytics 561 421 madak_j
Block Six Analytics (B6A) analytics-fueled technology enables companies to maximize ROI on their sports sponsorship spend across all advertising channels. read more

Vizual Edge

Vizual Edge 561 421 madak_j
Vizual Edge is a market leader in visual performance assessment and training using its web-based platform, the Edge Trainer. read more


TrinityVR 800 800 madak_j
TrinityVR is the leader in VR baseball training enabling players to gain a competitive edge with a comprehensive toolkit that provides performance analysis, smart feedback, and custom coaching modules. read more

Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports 561 421 madak_j
Legacy Esports exists to supports schools, clubs, and other organizations that seek to offer esports leagues and competitions or to enhance their existing services. read more


FanFood 501 501 madak_j
FanFood is a venue mobile ordering and express pick-up app that allows fans to order from their seats – revolutionizng the fan experience while driving concession sales and reducing labor. read more


Atavus 561 421 madak_j
Atavus uses a data-driven approach to evaluate tackling for performance and safety. They certify coaches, operate live & online clinics, and provide tackle consulting using their Tacklytics system. read more
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